Fracking en Fracking: America’s new “F” word <p>Since the release of the film Gasland, the 60 year old petroleum extraction process of hydraulic fracturing, better known as “fracking” has been lighting up the media like the flaming faucets used to scare energy consumers.</p><p>Fracking, a post drilling injection that pumps pressurized water, sand, and publicly disclosed chemicals into tight formations several thousand feet below ground, is being used today with another innovation; horizontal drilling, to take America from energy scarcity, to energy abundance.</p> Thu, 09 Jan 2014 17:38:20 +0000 Jessica Sena 13449 at AG blasts proposed BLM 'fracking' regulations <p></p> Fri, 30 Aug 2013 13:20:43 +0000 Dan Boyce 7590 at AG blasts proposed BLM 'fracking' regulations